Fiber Fast Internet Coming to the Bangor Area

Bangor Businesses and Residents will soon have access to some of the Fastest Internet speeds in the country at up to 1Gbps+

Horizon Broadband has been working hard installing necessary hardware to bring Fiber Fast Internet, Phone (VoIP), & Streaming TV to the Residents and Businesses of Bangor & the Surrounding Townships.

Our Fiber Fast Broadband connection uses Leading Edge Technology, hardware, and backup power sources. This allows us to provide Fast Internet unheard of outside of Major Cities.

For small towns, having high-speed Internet can be a critical factor in growth and prosperity. Studies have shown that increased Internet access has a positive effect on employment and economic growth in rural townships and cities.

While major metro areas like Dallas and Providence languish at the bottom of the nationwide connectivity scale, surprisingly small towns make it to the top of the list.

All of these best-connected small towns have one thing in common: the cutting-edge connection speeds and reasonable prices are delivered by small-to-medium sized ISPs like Horizon Broadband. Clearly, small business and healthy competition can create big rewards for both businesses and consumers.

The Horizon Broadband network is very robust and will keep your business or residence connected even during power outages that would normally leave you without service for days at a time with other Cable/DSL Providers. We understand the importance of a Fast, Reliable, and Consistent connection. Horizon Broadband strives to bring Bangor a better option for Fiber Fast Internet.

Horizon Broadband is a great option for Businesses that need reliable high speed internet for Credit Card Processing, Phones, Security Cameras, & More. 
We are a preferred provider for Critical infrastructure such as Fire Departments, Public Works, Police Departments, & Schools.

Residential Customers can also see a huge upgrade in service and available speeds.

Interested in Service?

Click the link and Fill our the Form to get on the list and let Horizon Broadband know you are ready for the Fastest Internet in the Bangor Area.

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