What is Horizon PTT?

Horizon PTT is the Next Generation of Connected 2-Way Radios.

For the first time your Team will have Worldwide Radio Connectivity, keeping your team in instant contact no matter where they are, while also providing Real-Time GPS monitoring.

No more static or fading.

Unlimited Range.

Starting at just $3/mo per radio. (With Purchase of Our Radio)

We have many radios available from Mobile to Portable Units.

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Why Public School
Transportation Departments
Use Horizon PTT

There are 4 main reasons
we chose Horizon PTT:

Cost: Lower than most competitors. 

Range: “We went from approx. 5o% coverage with our old system to 99.9% Coverage with Horizon PTT. Meaning we can keep our Drivers connected and our Students Safer.” –Transportation Director

Superior Audio Quality: No more static, Crystal Clear Digital Communications no matter where your fleet may be.

GPS Tracking – Horizon PTT allows us to track GPS Location & Speed in real-time as well as look at historical data. We can also set speed limit alerts for our Drivers. 

  •  Worldwide Coverage (Not limited by distance.)
  •  Crystal Clear Audio (No more static.)
  •  Unlimited Talk Groups 
  •  Dispatch Console
  •  Geo-Fencing Alerts & Speed Restrictions
  •  Most Reliable Network
  •  No FCC Licenses Required
  •  Cross-Link Capable with VHF/UHF, P25 Phase 1 & 2
  •  GPS Tracking & Logging
  •  SOS Button Functionality (Sends alerts & GPS Location to Designated contacts/Dispatcher in case of SOS trigger.)
  •  Cost Effective 
"Horizon PTT Dispatch Console"
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