From: Horizon Broadband

603 Joy St.
Bangor, MI 49013
Phone: 616-422-4095

To: MJA Enterprises

Invoice # 2728-3185
Issued on April 27, 2021
Due on May 11, 2021
Balance Due $19,228.00

Product 1.0

69 – HD Security Cameras

Includes server hardware/cabling/installation/monitor 

30+ days of recording








Product 2.0

23 – RFID Locks/Access Controllers and Photo RFID Badges









Total Owed

Info & Notes

If you have any questions please feel free to give me a call to discuss any details. We understand this project is moving at a rapid pace and we look forward to helping you meet your deadlines while giving you a product that exceeds your expectations.

Thank you; we really appreciate your business.

Terms & Conditions

Deposit Due: $28,842 – Payable by wire transfer, cash, or check.

(Deposit is for equipment/material and is non-refundable. If project is put on hold for more than 30 days after deposit is paid, equipment will be delivered to the facility.)

Balance Due Upon Completion of equipment installation. (No Exceptions.)

Change Work Orders must be in writing and emailed to:
(Change work orders by text are not allowed.)

Projected start date: 2 weeks from payment of deposit.

Projected completion date: 4 weeks from payment of deposit.
Note: Project completion times are subject to third parties, weather, & situations outside of our control.

MJA Enterprises will provide a designated Project Manager that will be responsible for all correspondence between MJA Enterprises and Horizon Broadband as well as all change work orders.

MJA Enterprises will provide 120v power outlets at designated locations within facility & in the tech room. MJA Enterprises will make sure the air is properly conditioned in the server room keeping temperatures between 60F – 70F & with humidity levels under 65% preferred. (Mini-Split Recommended.)

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Payment Total: $28,842.00

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