From: Horizon Broadband

603 Joy St.
Bangor, MI 49013
Phone: 616-422-4095

To: Village of Lawton

125 S. Main St.
Lawtown, MI 49065
Invoice # 1811
Issued on March 9, 2020
Due on March 23, 2020
Balance Due $16,300.00

Service 1.0

Fiber Fast Network Materials For installation on Water Tower and at Village Buildings.





Service 2.0

Labor for Buildout of Network





Service 3.0

80’ Tower Installation Cost including Materials 

(Will allow for network connectivity at Splash Pad that will service Live Eye Camera and Security Cameras that will be connected back to Village Hall for recording and remote viewing.)





Total Owed

Info & Notes

Thank you; we really appreciate your business.

Terms & Conditions

Deposit Required: $13,300

Balance Due Upon Completion

Note: Tower Delivery requires 3-6week lead time.
All other network equipment is expected to be installed by May 5th.

Equipment installation is subject to weather and scheduling between all involved parties.

All Change work orders must be presented in electronic form by email to:

Equipment Deposit is Non-Refundable.

Balance of $16,300.00 is Overdue Make a Payment

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