From: Horizon Broadband

603 Joy St.
Bangor, MI 49013
Phone: 616-422-4095

To: Fleetwoods Heating & Cooling

25512 Co Rd 665
Bloomingdale, MI 49026
Invoice # 1589
Issued on January 22, 2020
Due on February 5, 2020
Balance Due $1,400.00

Service 1.0

Initial Installation & Setup of Odoo On-Premise on Fleetwood’s Heating & Cooling Server

Apps Included in Installation:

CRM, Sales, Invoicing, Point of Sale, Accounting, Inventory, Purchase, Expenses, Leaves/Time Off, Fedex, USPS, & Ebay

(Not Including Data Entry, will include transferring of existing data from quickbooks. Additional Third Party Plugin Required.)





Total Owed

Info & Notes

Thank you; we really appreciate your business.

Terms & Conditions

Deposit Required: $1,800

Balance Due Upon Completion of Install.

Balance of $1,400.00 is Overdue Make a Payment

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