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A Push into Public Safety

The city is in the process of deploying high-definition IP security cameras at the Square and adjacent parks. The cameras will capture real-time video to provide improved public safety and help solve any crimes that may occur. Connected to Power over Ethernet ports on the Wi-Fi access points, the data will be streamed to the city data center using the high-capacity Fiber-Fast Wireless links. Moving forward, the city is looking at ways to further reduce costs. They have to plans add a Fiber-Fast Wireless link to the Water Plant and across to the Waste Water facility, which will save $800/month by eliminating leased fiber. The city is also evaluating extending the microwave backhaul and Wi-Fi network across Interstate 75 to the city’s Avalon Park & Fire Station 52. Using Fiber-Fast Wireless backhaul to that area will allow the city to save an additional $550 per month.


According to Sikes (Director of IT Services), the new network was immediately hailed as a success and a positive step for the city, supporting the Mayor’s and Council’s goal to attract young professionals to the area with the promise of free CityLink Wi-Fi in these public areas. With the extra bandwidth capacity, the city has also been able to expand services – at the city’s annual Geranium Festival, the number of devices able to connect downtown multiplied from an average of just 60 to over 2,000 devices. Over 450 users were connected to the downtown Wi-Fi at the high point of the festivities.